Idea of a Unique Hair Dye Combination

People are trying a lot of new combinations for hair colors these days. One combo that can look particular fetching is pink and black hair. To obtain these colors, one needs a plan. The black hair portion will be easy, as the hairstylist will just use dye and developer to deposit the color onto the hair. However, the pink portion will take some effort, as this part will probably need to be lightened to a blond first will lightener. Doing this at home is not recommended as there are new products like Olaplex that can be added to this process in order to prevent damage to the hair. Also, hair salons have all the latest lightening products, which are far superior to an at home bleach job. For a while, the patron might have black and blond hair until the hair is ready for the pink to be applied. The result of pink and black hair is a stunning do that not too many other people went out of their way to obtain.